The Dowling Spay Retractor (U.S. Patent #7722639B2) can be ordered.

In the USA

In Canada

In Japan

Or, if you prefer to order your Dowling Spay Retractor™ or replacement parts directly from Dr. Brian Dowling for either U.S. Domestic or International orders you may do so by clicking on the Add to Cart button below. You will be charged $5 for S&H regardless of how many you order for the US and $15 for S&H for International orders. (Orders within Washington State have 8.3% added for sales tax.) Please note: A replacement part order will be fulfilled promptly, however, please allow at least 6 weeks to fill your order if you are ordering a “complete set.”

Our payment system uses PayPal, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use it, just a major credit/debit card.