“Hey! Just picked it up from the post office this morning. Put it in the autoclave and used it. Fourteen year old Poodle with large polycystic ovaries and heart dz. In and out in 20 minutes (my average is about an hour…). Best spay I have ever done. It was FUN!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!” – Patricia Gray

I love love love this spay retractor. It took 25 mins off my time!! I gave the extra one to my friend, also a new grad and her externship mates were amazed! . . . with all the gratitude in the world” – Stephanie Ortiz

“Dr. Dowling – I have been meaning to send this for over a year now and just now decided to complete the task. I bought a Spay Retractor…I guess 3 years ago . . . and it immediately revolutionized the daily OVH’s we do. After over 40 years in private practice, I list the Spay Retractor as one of my top three purchases over my career. Thanks for developing it and making it available to the profession.” – Martin Coffman, DVM

“Hello and thanks for inventing the spay retractor! I’ve been using them for 6 years and I shudder at the thought of being without them. They make my spays fast, easy and safe. I’d be lost without my spay retractors!!! I also use them in my dog neuters and love it! Six years is a long time to go without saying thanks and well done – so here goes 😉 thanks and well done! All the best!” – Laura Betts, DVM – Parkdale Animal Hospital, Manistee, Michigan

“I am the staff veterinarian for Canine Assistants, a non-profit service dog school in Atlanta. Love your spay retractor! After 20 years of practice, I can finally do a fast spay through a small incision without worry. A brilliant instrument.” – Dr. Kent Bruner, DVM

“Brian: As you see, we have placed another order! Can’t live without these now . . . I don’t know how we did spays before! These spoil you to no end! Now when that 130 pound in heat Rotty comes in . . . no fear! Thanks.” – Mark Justice, Double J Animal Hospital

“My name is Dr. Luke Proctor and I can’t live without my spay retractors. We will not let a vet spay an animal in our clinic without learning to use this instrument. The exposure of the ovaries and its blood supply is superior to any hemostat . Its like an extra two hands holding the ovary and keeping tissue out of the way. Genius and simple. Thanks.” – Luke Proctor, DVM

“I just tried one and must say it was the most fun I’ve had spaying in 27 years!!!” – Jackie Greenwood, DVM, Toronto

“You’re absolutely welcome to quote me. We REALLY enjoy using these. We’ve tried several others and been disappointed.” – Michael Dahlman, DVM, California

“Today, came into one of my relief jobs and found a 98# Lab-mix that had been dropped off by animal control for spaying . . . in heat of course. Now I usually make a large incision to do my spays but decided to keep the incision down to about 2″, it looked like your retractor would be more effective the smaller the incision. Anyway, needless to say, it went extremely well, no problems, the retractor worked as it should and the fat guards were very effective and the spay went smooth, smooth, smooth. Now, I am usually slinging colorful phrases around pretty freely after doing a large in-heat dog spay . . . but not this time. Thanks a lot for a great instrument. Only improvement (suggestion) I can see the need for a larger version . . . say based on a Carmalt clamp.” (This was his second use of the retractor) – Todd Westin, DVM

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